Muzikos vizualizacija(music visualization)

Music visualization is a feature that is found in media players for the computers. This feature generates different images and graphics depending on what music you are playing. The graphics and images are translated in real time and synchronized with the music you are playing.

There are different visualization techniques that are used in the player, they can be from very simple ones to very complex. There are different variable that affects the way the visualization project like the spectrum of loudness and frequency of beat of music, those are some properties used by the visualization player.

Its has become very popular the visualization in media players for personal computers, specially since the 90s. Some popular music visualization that were used are Audion, Soundjam and Winamp. But the first of all visualization softwares was the Cthugta that runs in a DOS mode. The way the Cthugta works is similar to Winamp that is another windows visualization player.

Now there are different visualization feature that have been incorporated in recent media player software that you can download for free to your computer. Some of the music visualization are AVS released by Nullsoft, G-Force released by Andy OMeara and the MilkDrop release by Ryan Geiss. However at this moment the most popular of all is the AVS released by Nullsoft, it is the most used effective at this moment.

And the G Force became the license for iTunes and Windows Media Center, which is a product of Sound Spectrum an Andy Omearas Software Company.

The main different between common visualization programs like MilkDrop and other forms of visualization programs is the way each of the programs creates and displays the visualizations for every song that is played and the speed.

AWhat the music visualization does is create a personalization of the music, it lets the viewer get the sense of what he is hearing and transmit it to his mind. It can be a very good experience for people that love to hear a lof of music.

Visualization does work, you just have to be willing to take the time to apply some of the techniques, if you find very difficult to concentrate and focus, then buy a course or class that will help you achieve that state, for example a yoga class will help you relax, concentrate and visualize.

Pridedu kelis klipus,atspindincius muzikos vizualizavimo galimybes ir perteikiancius pagrindine sios vizualizacijos funkcija,t.y atvaizdu kaitaliojima(sinchronizavima) pagal skambancios muzikos ritma,dazni,tanki ir t.t.Pirmame klipe pateiktas tipiskas specialia vizualizavimo programos kalba sukurtas neidentifikuojamas objektas(tokius galime isvysti Windows media player programoje),reaguojantis i skambancios muzikos pokycius,na,o kitam klipe pasitelkti realus objektu(zmoniu) atvaizdai,tiksliau video medziaga,kuri “sukarpyta” ir sudeliota velgi analogisku principu:kad perteiktu muzikos ritma.

Music visualization technology

Bach Music Visualization


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